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You Need HR Now More than Ever Before

May 19, 2020

The global pandemic has forced everyone on the planet to pivot. Personal lives, schools, businesses and governments are all in a holding pattern as we try to figure out what the best response should be to the circumstances.

For businesses, recent months have already been difficult. Finding creative ways to keep the doors open or finding the resources to close the doors temporarily have left businesses with the undesirable task of furloughing or laying off staff.

As we move forward, decisions will have to be made about how to reopen. Those decisions come with many human resources-related questions including: What government guidelines need to be followed?

  • What policies are now outdated that need to be updated and put into place?
  • Who comes back to work first?
  • How will you implement social distancing?
  • Who can continue to work at home?
  • How will the FFCRA affect your workplace?
  • How do you keep your workforce healthy?
  • What steps do you need in place if someone becomes ill?

These are only a few of the many questions that you will need to address as you change course to address ongoing concerns about Covid-19.

You need HR expertise to work with you to untangle the complexities and help you in making important decisions. Flying by the seat of your pants is not pivoting. Health, safety and legal compliance are not areas where you can make up policies as you go. You need a professional human resources team to help you rethink how and where your people work in our new normal.

Have you learned anything about how your team works while they’ve been working from home? Is productivity up? How are you holding people accountable? Is it going better (or worse) than anticipated? We provide the HR expertise to help you pivot to what’s next for your workplace.

Taylor HR Group is an outsourced human resources department helping our clients pivot and prepare for what’s next as states begin to reopen. Learn more about our services to help business owners during the pandemic.

If you’re going it alone in terms of human resources capabilities, consider getting the HR expertise you need, especially during these complex and challenging times. We offer flexible options to help you navigate the complexities of today’s workplace.

Contact Taylor HR Group to get on course.