Workplace – Continuous Performance Management Programs

Continuous Performance Management Programs – an offering for both US and International.

Considered an HR best practice, Continuous Performance Management Programs establish an ongoing approach to effectively align company goals with employee goals.

These programs create an accountable work environment. Rather than only documenting poor performance, managers have the tools to help them consistently assess performance and recognize professional growth and accomplishments. Gone are the days of not receiving any useful appraisals. Employees understand how they are performing and have a roadmap for how to succeed and grow within the company.

At Taylor HR we develop the program, establish the elements and oversee the effective implementation of such a program.


  • Alignment of company goals with employee goals.
  • Clarity of employee goals and expectations.
  • Documentation of goals and progress promotes timely recognition of accomplishments.
  • Regular tracking of progress against goals with time allowed for rapid course correction as necessary.
  • Performance issues are identified and addressed more effectively.
  • Improved career advancement planning.

Elements of a Continuous Performance Management program

  • Company policy developed and maintained.
  • Company core values defined and documented.
  • Accurate and complete job descriptions.
  • Annual goal setting and employee review meeting – typically in January.
  • Ongoing Check-ins between the employee and manager; recommended frequency is monthly; minimum acceptable frequency is quarterly.
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