Management and leadership skills need to be learned and continuously improved upon to be effective. And well-trained employees are a benefit to your business and help reduce your exposure. With that in mind, Taylor HR Group offers a variety of onsite and virtual training programs:

Harassment and Discrimination Training

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe workplace, including an environment free of harassment.  State laws may require a written Harassment and Discrimination policy, which must be provided to new employees and/or distributed annually.  

Training is strongly recommended — even if it may not be required by law — as it shows employees that you take this issue seriously and will not tolerate unlawful behavior.  In addition, if the person engaging in the unlawful behavior is a supervisor, the employer is automatically liable for the harassment. The lack of any preventive measures, such as staff training, may make it more difficult for an employer to defend itself in a claim. In this area, prevention is the best measure you can take to eliminate potential harassment situations and claims.

Our Harassment and Discrimination Training consists of sessions for general staff, as well as separate training for managers. These sessions can help protect your company, provide an important legal defense, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to a productive and respectful environment.

Interview and Selection Skills Training for Managers

A number of states are implementing pay equity laws, which prohibit discrimination in paying wages and other compensation for comparable work.  These laws may prevent employers from asking applicants about salary history.  

This training helps your hiring managers become effective interviewers so they can find and hire the best candidates. They’ll learn to ask the right questions, reducing the chances that your company will run afoul of pay equity laws or equal employment opportunity laws. Topics covered include preparing for and conducting interviews and interview questions to ask and avoid, including under the Massachusetts Pay Equity Act (effective January 1, 2018). 

Become a Successful Leader
This training helps individual contributors navigate the transition to becoming a manager. Topics include tips for successful communication and setting expectations with your employees. We also review important subjects including harassment, sick time and family medical leave. Learn how to prepare for employee performance reviews, and manage corrective action and documentation if your employees aren’t performing. 


In addition to the trainings above, Taylor HR Group offers sessions in other areas, as well as customized training plans that suit the needs of your business.

Providing your staff and managers with quality training is an investment in your company’s success, both now and in the future. Please contact us for more information.