Creating a Productive and Accountable Work Environment

Building a successful business requires a team. The owner can’t do it solo. Human resources plays an essential function to make the vision and mission of a business come to life through its people and its work environment.

Tactical or Strategic?

The human resources function in a small, fast growing business can sometimes be an afterthought, relegated to paperwork to get a new employee on the payroll or set up on benefits. But when human resources services are fully appreciated for their important role in bringing to life company values, building and retaining talent and establishing clear accountability, the impact made is palpable in the organization.

Taylor HR Group provides outsourced HR services to ensure your firm is set up for success as you grow and scale. As an HR consulting firm, we provide a full range of human resources services to create and maintain an effective, accountable work environment. Quite simply, with us as your outsourced human resources company, your business is set up for success.

Our Comprehensive Outsourced Human Resources Services Include:

Finding the right talent is one of the biggest challenges for any business today.

Chart Your Course

Do Nothing

Being out of compliance risks steep fines. Don't risk your business by having your head in the sand.

Do It Yourself

This is time consuming and unreliable. How do you possibly keep up with the latest laws?

Hire an HR Resource

Can you justify full-time? Does one resource have the breadth of skills for what you need?



Get the human resources professionals your business needs and deserves.