Training for Managers and Leaders in Your Business

Fast growing small businesses with 5 to 50 employees have a lot going on. It can be difficult or nearly impossible to make time for management and leadership training. Yet, if training is not done, all your hard work can be lost as a result of a lawsuit due to incomplete or inadequate training.

Training = Information = Risk Mitigation

Training is typically viewed as a “a nice-to-have” in an organization, especially for small, fast-paced, growing businesses. We often equate training with large companies with big budgets. The reality is training needs to be a part of any business’s efforts to mitigate real business risks.

Are you confident your managers know exactly what they can ask and can’t ask in an interview?

Do hiring managers understand the implications of the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act (MEPA) when it comes to hiring and making offers?

With new laws related to harassment and discrimination policies, training is not a “nice to have”. Your managers need to be trained and know exactly what they can ask in an interview, as one example of the training you need to have planned, scheduled and conducted on a regular basis.

Our Leadership & Management Training Offerings Include:

Not seeing a topic you need training on? 
Contact us to discuss your training needs. We offer custom training for other human resource-related topics.

Chart Your Course

Do Nothing

Being out of compliance risks steep fines. Don't risk your business by having your head in the sand.

Do It Yourself

This is time consuming and unreliable. How do you possibly keep up with the latest laws?

Hire an HR Resource

Can you justify full-time? Does one resource have the breadth of skills for what you need?



Get the human resources professionals your business needs and deserves.