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Taylor HR Group US Guidance

The human resource function is not just for large businesses. Whether you have 5 or 50 employees, you are exposed to real business risk if you do not have the right human resource expertise in place.


A Wise Alternative

As a human resources consulting firm, we offer CEOs of growing companies the opportunity to retain us as their HR team. As an outsourced HR consulting firm, we function as your human resources department, providing the advice, processes and support to navigate workplace complexities including HR compliance.

Who We Serve

Our clients are CEOs, principals and owners of growing businesses ranging from 5 to 50 employees who surround themselves with the talent and expertise they need to grow. They invest in their business and address known and potential business risks. Our clients count on Taylor HR Group to provide the human resources consulting and HR services. We work with clients across many industries, service and product companies and have clients throughout the country.

Our Services

As a human resources consulting firm operating as your full-service HR department, we offer a full range of services to be flexible and scale as our clients grow.

US HR Compliance
Human resources compliance to get and keep you compliant within one state or across multiple states. Learn more
US HR Workplace Environment
Workplace Environment
The human resource function plays an important role in creating a productive, accountable work environment. Learn more
US HR Training
We focus on keeping the management team informed and properly trained in laws that govern hiring, performance reviews and day-to-day behavior. Learn more

How We Work

We best serve our clients when we are engaged for outsourced HR services, acting as your human resources department. We are especially adept at being laser focused on top priorities; and to then phase in other efforts that must get done but are less pressing. Clients engage with us in one of three ways: project-based engagement, retainer or not to exceed agreement or a subscription model for a defined number of hours per month.

Chart Your Course

Do Nothing

Being out of compliance risks steep fines. Don't risk your business by having your head in the sand.

Do It Yourself

This is time consuming and unreliable. How do you possibly keep up with the latest laws?

Hire an HR Resource

Can you justify full-time? Does one resource have the breadth of skills for what you need?



Get the human resources professionals your business needs and deserves.