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Training: Optional or Required?

Nov 23, 2020

Is skipping or deferring important employee training a wise business decision?

Mitigate Your Risk

Depending on where you’re located, state law may require you to conduct annual harassment prevention training. Making time for training can be challenging with so much else going on, but if proper training isn’t done, you could be putting your firm at risk.

There are many areas of HR where the laws change frequently, like harassment prevention, equal pay and family leave to name a few. You need to have the right human resources expertise in place to ensure you are compliant with the laws in order to avoid serious legal and financial consequences.

This Is What We Do

Taylor HR Group is an outsourced HR consulting firm; we function as your human resources department to help your business grow while mitigating your risks. For companies where the office manager may be handling some HR responsibilities, we offer ongoing support including annual employee training and answering increasingly complex HR questions.

Taylor HR’s principal, Megan Taylor, is an attorney as well as a human resources professional. She founded Taylor HR Group to help set businesses up for growth while mitigating risks. Taylor HR Group knows the laws and will make sure you are in compliance with them.

We provide advice, support and training on a variety of HR topics including:

  • Harassment Prevention and Discrimination Training
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training
  • Performance Review Training
  • Workplace Best Practices Training

Our training is offered virtually to make it convenient and safe for everyone to participate.

Case Study: Outsourced Annual Training

A Boston law firm uses Taylor HR Group to conduct their annual Harassment Prevention Training. They rely on the expertise Taylor HR Group brings to keep them in compliance with state and federal laws, giving them peace of mind. Read the case study.

Mitigate Business Risk with Employee Training

Check essential employee training off your To-Do list. Contact us and let us get – and keep – you compliant.