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Oct 15, 2020

Growing law firms can benefit from outsourced human resources

Is your law firm growing?

New clients and more cases require a bigger team. But who will handle the hiring process? What about employee policies? How will you stay compliant and avoid risk?

Avoid risk with the right HR

The human resource requirements that come with building a team can be overwhelming. Since you’re a small firm, you might plan to manage HR yourself or hire a part time HR resource. Or, HR might not be on your radar at all.

Whether you have five or fifty employees at your law practice, it’s important to know that you’re exposed to real business risks. And without the right human resources expertise in place, you could be facing serious legal and financial consequences.

Get the HR experience you need

Taylor HR Group provides the advice, processes and support to get and keep your law firm fully compliant. Let us worry about human resources so you can get back to what you do best – serving your clients.

Taylor HR Group’s principal, Megan Taylor, is a human resources professional and an attorney. She founded Taylor HR Group in 2012 to help set businesses up for growth while mitigating risks. At Taylor HR Group, we understand a law firm’s HR needs and can help you successfully navigate workplace complexities along with state and federal regulations.

Case Study: Taylor HR Group in action

When they started to expand, a New England law firm tapped Taylor HR Group to outsource their human resources function. See how we helped them with new hires, employee termination and the development of workplace policies and an employee handbook. Read Case Study

Taylor HR Group can help your law firm

As an HR consulting firm, Taylor HR Group can provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your business is fully compliant. Our team of HR specialists is here to help you navigate workplace complexities, HR regulations and ensure compliance.

Need help navigating human resources?

Contact Taylor HR Group and find out how we can help you get and stay on course for your practice.