Getting and Keeping Your Business Compliant in the US

Our human resources compliance services are all about mitigating risks. As an international company expanding into the United States, it is critical for your business that your US operations comply with federal and state requirements.

As your HR department in the United States, we make it our job to get you compliant with federal and state laws and keep you compliant.

Navigating the waters when it comes to human resources compliance is complex, confusing and ever-changing. Recent high-profile situations related to data and harassment have propelled compliance updates that companies operating in the United States must adhere to within defined timeframes.

Our Human Resource Compliance Service Offerings for International Companies Operating in the United States include:

HR Compliance Essentials

When it comes to protecting your business, this is the starting point to mitigate risks and be compliant with federal and state requirements for documenting and enforcing written policies.

Are your employees keeping you up at night?

Many CEOs, presidents and business owners lose sleep worrying about employee behavior, fearing a lawsuit for harassment or discrimination due to ignorance or not adhering to documented hiring practices. The risks of not being HR compliant are many.

Without current documented policies, all the work to build your business can come crashing down quickly.

Our focus is on getting and keeping you compliant. We first assess what’s in place, identify what’s missing or what content needs to be updated. We then develop and deliver comprehensive employee manuals and HR policies for your business. This gives your business an essential foundation with clear policies in place for employees.

HR Compliance Essentials include the following:

Custom Employee Handbook

  • Company-specific benefits and policies
  • Payroll and compensation
  • Employee time off policies
  • Employee expectations
  • Performance reviews and performance expectations
  • Use of electronic systems and mobile devices
  • Remote work policies

Additional related deliverables include:

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policies

Information Security Plan

Document Retention Policy

Performance Review Policy

Remote Work Policy

Corporate Credit Card Policy

Motor Vehicle Operation Policy

Applicable State and Federal Workplace Posters

Onboarding and Offboarding Checklist and Associated Required Documents

Form I-9 Compliance and Maintenance Guidelines; MA Personnel File Law and MA Equal Pay Act Compliance

Offer Letter Template

NDA/Non-solicitation/Non-compete Agreement for New Hires

HR Compliance Essentials is a fixed price engagement.

Workplace Investigations

Human Resources plays an important role when an employee raises a concern about behavior that may violate workplace policies. Such matters need to be handled correctly and thoroughly to protect both the business and its employees.

Taylor HR Group has the expertise and experience to properly conduct investigations and assist with appropriate resolutions.

Chart Your Course

Do Nothing

Being out of compliance risks steep fines. Don't risk your business by having your head in the sand.

Do It Yourself

This is time consuming and unreliable. How do you possibly keep up with the latest laws?

Hire an HR Resource

Can you justify full-time? Does one resource have the breadth of skills for what you need?



Get the human resources professionals your business needs and deserves.