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Taylor HR Group US Guidance

International companies expanding into the United States or into other countries are entering unfamiliar waters when it comes to workplace compliance and employee-related laws. They seek a partner who is knowledgeable in the laws and who can guide them in planning and successfully expanding their business. Taylor HR Group is such a partner, being the human resources consulting firm to enable growth.


Who We Serve

We work with a wide variety of clients, including business based in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and Israel.  In some cases, we work directly with the business owners; for larger companies, we work as a natural extension of the HR team in their home country.  Whatever the situation, we help our clients understand HR laws and workplace requirements while they expand into the US.

Our clients appreciate the important role that HR will play in setting up their business to be successful and compliant.  This includes the spectrum from hiring and onboarding to documentation (e.g. Employee Handbooks), setting up and assisting with payroll and compliance. 

Our Services

For international companies expanding into the United States, we offer a full range of flexible HR services as your operations grow.

US HR Compliance
Human resources compliance to get and keep you compliant including state by state requirements. Learn more
US HR Workplace Environment
Workplace Environment
The human resource function plays an important role in creating a productive, accountable work environment. Learn more
US HR Training
We focus on keeping the management team informed and properly trained in laws that govern hiring, performance reviews and day to day behavior. Learn more

How We Work

We offer options of how we work with you so you have the HR expertise you need that is efficient and scales as your business grows or your needs change. Clients engage with us in one of three ways:

  1. Project-based engagement
  2. Retainer or not to exceed engagement
  3. Subscription basis – multiple subscription levels are available to secure our HR expertise for a defined number of hours per month.

Added Value with Taylor HR Group

As one of our UK clients states, we are their eyes and ears for HR matters in the United States.

In addition to being our international client’s Human Resources Department, we facilitate growth for our clients by introducing them to many other essential resources to support their business goals including other essential functions such as accounting, legal, marketing, bookkeeping and office space contacts. 

Chart Your Course

Do Nothing

Being out of compliance risks steep fines. Don't risk your business by having your head in the sand.

Do It Yourself

This is time consuming and unreliable. How do you possibly keep up with the latest laws?

Hire an HR Resource

Can you justify full-time? Does one resource have the breadth of skills for what you need?



Get the human resources professionals your business needs and deserves.