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Dec 9, 2020

A Wise Option for Expanding Operations into the US

Expanding a company into the US brings challenges. Learning US labor laws doesn’t have to be among them.

Labor laws vary from country to country – and even state to state – so bringing your firm stateside requires an HR team that can help you navigate federal and state laws and make sure you are compliant in all areas of HR.

The HR Partner You Need

Taylor HR Group acts as your outsourced HR department, providing a wide range of services to get and keep your US offices compliant so you can focus on the business of expanding your business in the US.

We work as a natural extension of the HR team in your country, your eyes and ears locally.

Peace of Mind in the US

We work with a wide variety of international clients including businesses based in the UK, Europe and Japan. Our clients understand the important role HR plays in setting up their US operations to be successful. This includes hiring and onboarding, establishing and maintaining Employee Handbooks, creating or revising HR policies during a pandemic and setting up and assisting with payroll and compliance.

Case Study: British Auditing Firm Needed US HR Knowledge

As a British auditing firm expanded into the US, they needed human resources expertise, but not full time. Read how their accountant introduced them to Taylor HR Group and the significant impact made, including leading the migration off a PEO. Read the case study.

A Wise Way to Expand

If you have already expanded into the US or are planning to in the New Year, contact us to get HR set up to get you and keep you on course.