Taylor HR Group was founded to help start-ups, international companies with US offices, and organizations in-between stay compliant and current with employment laws and HR best practices – so management can focus on their core business. Taylor HR Group provides on-going HR assistance to small and medium-sized companies, in addition to supporting larger companies with project-based HR needs. We also advise UK- and Europe-based companies with a new or growing US presence on state and federal HR laws and policies as well as implementation and management of HR functions and best practices.

At Taylor HR Group, we are able to bring compliance to HR concerns such as employee hiring and management, and we work with managers and executives to effectively handle personnel issues as they arise. In addition, we help management teams create productive, accountable and inspiring work environments.

If you have a need for expert human resource advice or management, or want to be sure that your organization is in compliance with current employment laws and regulations, contact us for an initial consultation.